Honored to have Delta Lucky Lady on the cover of the Texas Longhorn Journal! 




Hoosier Longhorns would like to announce we have teamed
up with Kent Feed and BoVantage!
Please look for our booth at the Longhorn World Championships!
Hoosier Longhorns started using BoVantage this year
and we are realizing an increase in horn growth!



Dr. Hoagloand

Dr. Hoagland, a native of southern Indiana, graduated from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1992.

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Calf and Health Management

As we start with a new year, we recognize that impending calving and potential problems are upon us. Calf health during the first months is largely dependant on adequate colostrum intake and appropriate management of environmental factors.

Sulfur is an important component of many functions in the body and is an essential nutrient for beef cattle. It is an important part of the amino acids methionine, cysteine, and cystine.

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Nutrition Notes

Nutritional Facts for Registered Texas Longhorns from Hoosier Longhorns Mold and Mycotoxins
Kent Feeds offers mycotoxin adsorbent in Dynasty® and Granolene® equine products; Kent Integral™ 40 for multi-species equine, cattle, poultry, and swine; FeverGuard® MTB-100® for dairy; and several  custom order products.