Spring can bring on more surprises than
just what gender and what color calves will be at
Hoosier Longhorns.There can also be very
strong storms. One morning we got a phone call
from Don Davis, a call that no cattleman
wants to get! Don,is gracious enough to
let us run a small herd of calves on his
pasture every year.
"Hey boys, we got some cattle down. I'm
pretty sure it was lightning"!
Sure enough! Three yearly steers and a
heifer all struck in "mid chew" and dropped
in their tracks.

   I called the company we had used a few times
in the past to pick up dead cattle, but they no
longer take cattle. (not sure why)
They did give me a number of a place called, Feline
Rescue Center. I called, they said, "We'd love to
have them". Now I'm not much of a cat person
so I'm thinking, They must have a brazillion cats
to need this much meat. Feline to me is little
kitten that play with yarn. To my limited intellect,
Feline also means, BIG cats. (Now I know)
 They have some that look like little house cats.
(Just not in my house)
But most of them are big enough to make a snack
out of a yearling heifer.
  This kitty already had a snack going on, no one
had enough nerve to see if he would share.
   As you can see, they just kept getting bigger
and the only jobs they have, is to eat.
   I think Kiowa has the same thought in his head.
"I'm just big enough to be snack size"!
   Lakota was happy, she found a kitty with
 the same name as her!
   The King of the rescue center started to tell them he
heard there was fresh meat. Glad it wasn't
any of us!
We hated to lose cattle to lightning, but we
are glad they went to a good cause.
The center takes injured and neglected cats,
gives them medical treatment and a good home.
They have over 200 cats and it takes over 3,500
pounds of meat a day to feed them.
Check out the web site at Exotic Feline Rescue Center.
Who knows, you might even want to help out
with a donation. Just hope it's not lightning
struck cattle.
The Mid-West Texas Longhorn Association held it's show on Aug. 14 2010 in Princeton Indiana.
The whole gang from Hoosier Longhorns descended on Princeton, much like a biblical plague
As a corporate sponsor we got to hang the Hoosier Longhorn

Our friends from Kent Feed were also corporate sponsors.

Kent feed also had a very informative booth. We use a Kent
mixed feed and Bovantage.


Gun Smoke just waiting around to be the half time show.

Jimmy Kent and Austin Jones were up before
breakfast and started bathing cattle.
Jimmy with Boilermaker after his bath. Bath time took
a long time and a lot of elbow grease.
   All of the cattle laid down after being cleaned.
Jimmy and Austin also cleaned themselves up, lucky for
us it wasn't in public.

Austin and Kiowa, "Ready to Show".

Cheyenne leads Patriotizm around the ring.
Austin and 3 Days Rizen hit the ring, ready to win.

Lakota and Awesome Possum show their stuff.
Kiowa and Inspector Gadget, show'n how they roll.
Lakota with her baby..Executive Privilege.
Austin, ready for another round with Krunch N Munch
Trent showing the beautiful Delta Lucky Lady.
Jimmy and Executive both looking good to go!
Nathan Jones does some last minute work with Boilermaker.
Cheyenne and Boilermaker after winning All Age Bull.
What a great group of youth exhibitors.

Cally Cox getting the once over from Stan Jernigan.
It was great of the Cox family to come all the way
from Texas for the MTLA show.
Stan and Jimmie Jernigan also came from Texas
to judge the show, we can't thank them enough!
Kirk and Linda Dickinson came from Ohio.
Linda was gracious enough to sing the National Anthem.
What a beautiful voice!

MTLA members, the Hudsons' and Valetines'
joined in the food and fun! (Ever have one of those guys that just shows up in the background of your photo's)?
Just kidding Kirk!

Jimmy showing off the first belt buckle he ever won
showing longhorns. Jimmy was a great asset to the
Hoosier Longhorn bunch.
My lovely bride was given the job of carrying all the trophys for the kids. They couldn't carry them, cuz if they wasn't showing, they were eating!
Mom Jones looked as fresh at the end of the
day as the beginning. She really enjoys watching all the grand kids show.
Yours truly...was to pooped to pop!!
From all of Hoosier Longhorns, we thank all
the members of the MTLA for a great show!

One of our marketing ideas to promote the Show
and Hoosier Longhorns!