As we start with a new year, we recognize that impending calving and potential problems are upon us. Calf health during the first months is largely dependant on adequate colostrum intake and appropriate management of environmental factors. Colostrum, which is 80% antibodies, is necessary to fight infections. Calves lose 50% of their ability to absorb these antibodies by 12hrs of age. 1 out of every 3 calves will have failure of absorption of adequate colostrum increasing their chances of illness(3-9x) and death(5x). Environmental factors negatively affecting calf survival include low ambient temperature and wet bedding or soil conditions. It is important to monitor newborn calves during extreme cold temperatures to ensure that the dam is drying and providing stimulation for survival. Early intervention is important if needed. Avoiding wet and soiled calving areas along with changing calving lots weekly prevents a build up of infectious agents. Lastly, proper nutrition and condition scores are paramount to the success of the dam during the calving period and the future reproductive performance.