Dan Jones

Dan Jones wears many hats the first of which is the President of ResCom Management. His second hat is CEO of Hoosier Longhorns. (This one's a 10 gallon hat).

Dan graduated with his dad from Purdue University in 1985 with a BS in Construction Management. Dan and his dad were the first Father/Son team to ever graduate on the same day from the same program at Purdue.

All the rest of his hats are worn in the day to day process of having a longhorn operation. One hat even says, "Official Calf Namer"! So far he has stayed away from names like Lula and Murgatroid, but you never know what tomorrow holds!



Tracy Jones

Tracy’s real job is Vice President of ResCom Management. He’s been an owner since conception in 1991.

After years of work in the field on construction sites, he is now stuck in a corner office. An office that as soon as you walk in you know his other interests…his wife, kids, and the Indianapolis Colts!

His office is blue and white and all the walls are covered with colt’s memorabilia and photos of his wife and kids. His love of the longhorn breed is only topped by God, Country, and Family!

He popped a few buttons when his daughter, Cheyenne, won the Youth Grand Champion All Age Bull at the ITLA 2009 Convention. (and again in 2011)!!

Tracy’s wife, Lisa, (AKA Pokey) has a love for Longhorns and has quietly taken the job of taming any new animals that come to Hoosier Longhorns. Pokey is the only person that “Gun Smoke” will stand and let pet him. (Maybe that is her Indian blood!) (She lost her pet "Gun Smoke" on 11/01/11 due to infection)

Tracy likes to have a more ‘behind the scenes’ position with the Longhorn business, but he loves to watch his kids show the cattle.

Teresa Penn

Teresa Penn is the lady in the office. She and her mother, Janet, work together five days a week. She takes care of all that paperwork that no one else wants to do. She is also the lady that writes the checks. She has worked at ResCom Management since it's conception.

She helps with meat sales for Hoosier Longhorns and enjoys the calving season. Teresa is the one who loves cooking and makes all the big family feasts with that delicious, healthy longhorn! She and her husband, Steve, have been married 34 years and they have three grown children. Teresa is very active in her church and enjoys working with children.



Nathan Jones with Hoosier Longhorns

Nathan Jones

Nathan is the herd manager for Hoosier Longhorns. Those with longhorn herds have a good idea what all this entails. They say, "A woman's work is never done". Well try being a herd manager.

Most people think daylight to dark is a long day. At dark our herd manager is just getting his second wind. To top off all the duties of feeding, fencing, halter breaking, sales, medical care, A-I'ing and record keeping, his real job is being a full-time farrier. Yep you read that right - horse shoeing!.

From Chicago to Southern Kentucky and west into Missouri, if your horse needs a pedicure or a new pair of Nike's, Jones Farrier Service (Nathan Jones) is the guy to call. I think he puts like a bazillion miles on his truck every year.

Nathan relies on his ever-present companion and work hand Brianna, his border collie as well as any one of his handful of ranch horses to make work in the field go smoothly.